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What are biocide products?

The condition for the sale of a biocidal product is the registration of the biocidal product in the country where it will be placed on the market.

Biocides are substances or products used to protect humans or animals against unwanted microorganisms, plants or animals.

They are placed on the market in liquid and powder forms, in ready-to-use formulations, or as concentrates, and are applied using a variety of techniques.

What are the types of biocidal products?

Generally, biocides are divided in to four major groups:

1. disinfectants,

2. preservatives,

3. pest control, and

4. other biocidal products.

To help you determine the type of biocidal product, we attach a PDF table on our web.

The main groups are further divided into 22 subgroups:

All types of biocidal products are well described on the ECHA website.

Biocides are toxic not only to microorganisms but also very often to nontarget species. Therefore, European legislation requires registration of biocidal products on the basis of risk assessment.

If you want to start selling a biocidal product, contact us ( and we will be happy to arrange all the necessary documentation.

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