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The REACH regulation require of manufacturers and importers of chemicals to register chemicals produced or imported in the EU, so they could be placed on the market. REACH only applies to companies (manufacturers and importers) in the EU, while non-EU producers can achieve the requirements of REACH through a sole agent - REACH Only Representative.

According to REACH, the only representative acts on behalf and for the account of the company (manufacturer outside the EU) that has authorized him.

What is Only Representative?

REACH requires from all companies manufacturing or placing a substance on the EU market in quantities greater than 1t/year to register that substance to the ECHA.


For legal reasons, only companies with a legal entity in Europe are allowed to submit a registration; while non-EU companies may submit registration by appointing an EU-based Only Representative. 

Who can be an Only Representative?

Only representative has to be:

  • a natural person or legal entity established in the EU,

  • with sufficient background in the practical handling of the substances and information related to them,

  • appointed by a mutual agreement with a manufacturer, formulator or article producer, established outside the EU.

Our team members has longstanding experience acting as an REACH only representative for many companies around the world. You can read more about REACH registration process on our BLOG.

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In accordance with the Article 8 of REACH, the OR takes on the obligations of importers under REACH.


Those obligations include:

  • maintain pre-registration data,

  • Represent your company in SIEF/Consortium and keep you informed of the latest progress;

  • Supply updated SDSs along the supply chain;

  • Communicate with EU importers and regulatory authorities and issue necessary documents to ensure REACH compliance;

  • Keep an up-to-date list on the inventory of importers and the tonnage covered and provide it to authorities upon request;

  • Registration of substances (additional contract needed) - check out offer HERE.

Our REACH Only Representative service costs 250 to 500 € per substance per year depending on the number of substances.


If you are looking for a cost-effective REACH only representative or wish to change only representative, please don't hesitate to contact us for further advice.

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