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UFI code on labels

From 1 January 2021, all hazardous chemicals available to general users must be equipped with a UFI code and PCN notification.

You can read what the UFI code is on our website - HERE.

While in this article, we will focus on the frequently asked question: "What are the rules for UFI code on labels?"

UFI is obligatory supplemental information on the label (CLP Article 25(7)), normally included in the label section for supplemental information.

UFI code must be:

1. preceded by the acronym “UFI:” - in capital letters, followed by a colon,

2. clearly visible, legible and indelibly marked,

3. firmly attached if e.g. a sticker is used (derogation to affix UFI in the inner packaging),

4. with, or right next to, mandatory CLP labelling elements.

An example of a UFI code on a label can be seen below

ufi code on labels

Multi-component products have separate labels for each component – separate UFIs for each label/component.

When the same label is exceptionally used in different countries where different UFIs are used, country code should be used in proximity of the corresponding UFI code.

Information regarding UFI PCN fees and language requirements are available in our BLOG.

An online tool to create and validate UFI codes, the UFI Generator, is available on the Poison Centres website at

If you need help with UFI codes management or PCN notification, please don't hesitate to contact our team at


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