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UFI PCN: Fees and language requirements

What information must I provide in the relevant languages during the UFI PCN notification?

Submissions have to be made in the official languages of the Member States where the mixture is placed on the market, unless the Member State has specified otherwise. For example UFI PCN notification for Germany could be submitted in German or English, while UFI PCN notification for Slovenia must be submitted in Slovenian language. You can read more about UFI code requirements HERE.

The list of accepted languages for each Member State can be found HERE.

In your PCN dossier, indicate all the relevant languages in the dossier header. Free text fields will become available for the languages specified, for:

  • toxicological information,

  • justification for update when "Other" is selected Additional text in Labelling --> Hazard statements,

  • additional text in Labelling --> Precautionary statements,

  • reproductive toxicity --> Specific effect,

  • additional hazard classes and statements,

  • additional non-GHS hazard statements --> Additional text.


Are Member States charging fees for UFI PCN submissions?

Although ECHA itself not charge any fees, it will remain at the discretion of the Member States whether to charge fees for the submission of information.

The financial transactions are expected to continue being settled between submitters and the relevant national appointed body.

Please check the table ‘Member States’ decisions on implementing Annex VIII of the CLP’, for more details.


Can I prepare the notification in my preferred language, which upon submission through the portal, would then be converted into the language of the receiving Member State?

Currently the online preparation and submission tools are only available in English, i.e. the user interface and the selectable criteria in the form of picklists.

Nevertheless, there are several free text fields e.g. toxicological information that requires you to manually enter the information in the language accepted by the Member State.

If you do not have the time to generate UFI code or perform PCN notification correctly and efficiently, it may be time to contact us at


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