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What must be on a CLP compliant label?

Since there are quite a few rules for labelling hazardous chemicals, it will be easiest to look at the correct labelling on an example. Below you can see the label of a dangerous chemical intended for sale to general users.

clp labelling ufi code

The obligatory parts of the CLP label are:

- product identifiers (trade name and/or designation of the mixture),

- identity of the supplier,

- signal word,

- hazard statements,

- precautionary statements,

- obligatory supplemental information (Regulation (EC) No 648/2004 on detergents),

- UFI code.


As the product is supplied to the general public, its nominal quantity is also provided on the label.


During the inspection, the inspector usually first checks the suitability of the CLP labels and safety data sheets.

When labelling chemicals, it is necessary to pay attention to several rules that we have covered in our BLOG posts.

Below is an example of rules for the size and shape of CLP pictograms.

The colour and appearance of the label must allow the hazard pictograms and their background to be clearly visible.

The pictograms must be in the form of a square placed at a point, ie. they must be shown in diamond shape when the label is read HORIZONTALLY.

They must also have a black symbol with a red frame on a white background.

clp pictograms size

The smallest dimensions refer to the sides of the red frame of the pictogram itself.

What is a UFI and what it means?

You can read more about the UFI code as part of the provision of our UFI code editing services and on our BLOG.

What does it mean to be REACH compliant?

If your product is a chemical product (substance or mixture), you need to ensure that every substance in it has been registered under EU REACH when the volume of that substance exceeds 1t/y. The best way to show compliance is to obtain a REACH registration number issued by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

You can read more about REACH compliant as part of the provision of our REACH services and on our BLOG.

Is my product a biocide?

A biocidal product is defined as a product with an active substance that is intended to destroy, render harmless, deter, prevent the action of, or otherwise exert a controlling effect on harmful or undesired organisms. 

Since September 2013, the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012) acts as a legal framework with the aim to control and harmonize the rules delimiting the marketing and use of biocidal products in the European Union. 

It is very important to emphasize that the sale of a biocidal product is not allowed without properly regulated documentation (biocidal product registration) and the use of a certified manufacturer / supplier of the active substance (Article 95 list).

Especially in the initial steps of selling chemicals, all entrepreneurs have a lot of questions: "What must be on a CLP compliant label? What is a UFI and what it means? What does it mean to be REACH compliant? Is my product a biocide?«


All these questions will be gladly answered by our team of experts as part of chemical consulting.

All our employees have been involved in chemical consulting for a minimum of 5 years and consequently are very familiar with European and local legislations. Follow the BLOG and check out our expertise and knowledge.


Now let's answer the questions above ...

CLP GHS pictograms size requirements and labelling

Chemicals consulting services

Our team of experts ensures that:

  • your products are regulated in accordance with the latest legislation,

  • that you have all the necessary permits and properly arranged documentation,

  • that you have properly labelled products,

  • that you do not have blank UFI codes on the labels,

  • that your labels and safety data sheets are harmonized,

  • that you have a correctly arranged warehouse.

Check how we can improve and facilitate your business.


Contact us and we will send you a non–binding offer in 48 hours.

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