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QSAR Toolbox for animal-free assessment

The QSAR Toolbox is a free software application, developed by ECHA and OECD, that supports reproducible and transparent chemical hazard assessment.

It offers functionalities for retrieving experimental data, simulating metabolism and profiling properties of chemicals.

The updated QSAR Toolbox version 4.5 includes an automated workflow for defined approaches for skin sensitisation.

The recently published OECD guideline includes computational methods for assessing skin sensitisation without testing on animals. The Toolbox is the only freely available tool that can be used to do that.

These information and tools can be used to find structurally and mechanistically defined analogues and chemical categories, which can serve as sources for read-across and trend analysis for data gap filling.

QSAR Toolbox is available HERE.

While HERE is available Practical guide on how to use and report (Q)SARs.

If you need help determining the hazards of your chemical or making CLP labels, we are the right address for you (

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