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Mandatory UFI codes for the UK

In chemical circles, it is rumored that PCN notification and UFI codes will become mandatory for the UK and NI. The area will be regulated by the National Poison Information Service (NPIS) - the poison centre for UK and NI.

What are the requirements for placing UFI codes on the label? You can check them HERE.

This means that for importers and downstream users placing mixtures for consumer or professional use anywhere on the UK markets - submission of safety information in the Annex VIII harmonised format would be mandatory.

For importers and downstream users placing mixtures for industrial use on the UK market, Annex VIII will be enforced from Jan 1st 2025.

We await further information weather companies can benefit from the 2025 transition period. And clarification on the need for UFI's on the labels.

If you need advice or assistance in arranging UFI codes and PCN notifications, contact us ( We have already completed many successful projects and we are happy to take care of yours as well!

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