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UFI code/PCN group submission

Last week (24th November 2021), ECHA organized a very useful lecture on UFI codes and PCN notifications. Webinar details all the latest changes and improvements of the poison centre notification (PCN) format and IT solution. They also provide more information on the group submission process.

What is UFI code / PCN Group Submission?

Group submission allow single submission covering multiple mixture compositions when the differences are (very) limited but they cannot be considered as the same.

Group Submission criteria:

- same composition except for certain components used only as perfumes.

- same concentrations/ranges for all common components,

- same classification for health and physical hazards,

- all mixtures placed on the market by the same submitter,

- the components which differ (i.e. not present in all the mixtures of the group) can constitute not more than 5% of each composition,

- common perfumes (if any) are not counted in the 5% limit,

- it must be clear which perfume(s) are present in which mixture(s).

Check out more ECHA tips on slides:

UFI code / PCN - group submission
Download PDF • 2.61MB

and in webinar:

If you need help arranging UFI codes or PCN notifications, contact us (


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