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Fold-out label for a mixture (supplied to the general public)

The example below represents a multilingual, fold-out label for a mixture for supply and use, intended for the general public.

The label elements are included on the label in the following way:



  • trade name or designation,

  • hazard pictograms,

  • signal words in all languages of the label,

  • nominal quantity, as the mixture is made available to the general public,

  • contact details of supplier,

  • reference to the full safety information inside (in this case the front page contains the symbol of an arrow to illustrate that the full safety information is available on inside pages), country codes indicating which languages are covered by the label,

  • UFI code (in this case, the same UFI code has been included in the submission in each Member State). The UFI can alternatively be placed outside of the label (e.g. printed or affixed on the inner packaging) but right next to the other obligatory CLP label elements.



  • full product identifier (including hazardous compounds A, B and C in this particular case),

  • signal word,

  • hazard statements,

  • precautionary statements.

The full safety information on the inside pages is given in each language mentioned on the front page and also grouped by language. The country codes are featured on the top of each inner page to enable the user to quickly identify his language.


BACK PAGE (attached to the immediate container)

  • trade name or designation,

  • hazard pictograms,

  • signal word,

  • nominal quantity,

  • contact details of supplier, •

  • UFI code (only one code has been included in the submission in each Member State).

We hope the text is clear enough, and helped you understand the requirements related to labels. In any case, you can contact us ( and we will have a chat about your particular challenge.

Source: European Chemicals Agency,


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