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Specific labelling requirements for Detergents sold to the general public

Are you selling detergents and you are creating labels by your self? Are you sure labels are created according to CLP and Detergent legislation? Check our useful tips regarding CLP, detergent and UFI code labelling.

According to the Detergents Regulation (EC 648/2004), the following information must appear in legible, visible and indelible characters on the packaging of detergent products which are for sale to the general public:

a ) the name and trade name of the product;

(b) the name or trade name or trademark and full address and telephone number of the party responsible for placing the product on the market;

(c) the address, email address, where available, and telephone number from which the datasheet can be obtained;

What content should a datasheet contain?

The datasheet shall list the name of the detergent and of the manufacturer.

All ingredients shall be listed; in order of decreasing abundance by weight, and the list shall be sub-divided into the following weight percentage ranges:

— 10 % or more,

— 1 % or over, but less than 10 %,

— 0,1 % or over, but less than 1 %,

— less than 0,1 %.

Impurities shall not be considered to be ingredients.

The common chemical name or IUPAC name, the CAS number, and, where available, the INCI name, and the European Pharmacopoeia name, shall be given for each ingredient.

d) The packaging of detergents shall indicate the content, in accordance with the specifications provided for in Annex VII A of Detergent regulation. It shall also indicate instructions for use and special precautions, if required.

What is included in Annex VII part A: Labelling for contents?

The following provisions on labelling shall apply to the packaging of detergents sold to the general public.

If added, preservation agents shall be listed, irrespective of their concentration, using where possible the common nomenclature relating to cosmetic products. If added, as such, at concentrations exceeding 0,01 % by weight, the allergenic fragrances that appear on the list of substances shall be listed using the nomenclature of that Cosmetic Directive.

e) Additionally, the packaging of detergents sold to the general public intended to be used as laundry detergents shall bear the information provided for in Annex VII B.

Annex VII B: Labelling for dosage information

The packaging of detergents sold to the general public intended to be used as laundry detergents shall bear the following information:

— The recommended quantities and/or dosage instructions expressed in millilitres or grams appropriate to a standard washing machine load, for soft, medium and hard water hardness classes and making provision for one or two cycle washing processes;

— For heavy-duty detergents, the number of standard washing machine loads of ‘normally soiled’ fabrics, and, for detergents for delicate fabrics, the number of standard washing machine loads of lightly-soiled fabrics, that can be washed with the contents of the package using water of medium hardness, corresponding to 2,5 millimoles CaCO3 /l;

— The capacity of any measuring cup, if provided, shall be indicated in millilitres or grams, and markings shall be provided to indicate the dose of detergent appropriate for a standard washing machine load for soft, medium and hard water hardness classes.

The standard washing machine loads are 4,5 kg dry fabric for heavy-duty detergents and 2,5 kg dry fabric for low-duty detergents in line with the definitions of Commission Decision 1999/476/EC of 10 June 1999 establishing the Ecological Criteria for the award of the Community eco-label to Laundry Detergents.

A detergent shall be considered to be a heavy-duty detergent unless the claims of the manufacturer predominantly promotes fabric care i.e. low temperature wash, delicate fibres and colours.

f) In cases where a Member State has a national requirement to label in the national language(s), the manufacturer and distributor shall comply with that requirement for the information specified in paragraphs d) and e).

g) because detergent are also a part of chemical legislation labels must includes also elements according to CLP:

- The nominal quantity of the substance or mixture in the package where this is being made available to the general public, unless this quantity is specified elsewhere on the package;

- Hazard pictograms, where applicable;

- The relevant signal word, where applicable;

- Hazard statements, where applicable;

- where applicable, the appropriate precautionary statements in accordance with Article 22;

- where applicable, a section for supplemental information in accordance with Article 25.

- Unique Formula Identifier (UFI code), where applicable.

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The field of detergents is complicated and, as a result, a lot of knowledge is needed for correct labelling.

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