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Shape, colour and dimensions of CLP pictograms

Do you know the rules of CLP labelling and pictogram sizes? Let's check them together ...

Our team of chemical consultants prepares CLP labels that follow these rules:

1. The colour and presentation of a label must allow the hazard pictogram and its background to be clearly visible.

2. Hazard pictograms must be in the shape of a square set at a point, i.e. they must appear as a diamond shape when the label is read horizontally, and must have a black symbol on a white background with a red frame (see section 1.2.1 of Annex I to CLP).

The exact type of red, i.e. the Pantone colour number, is not defined, and labellers are free to use their discretion.

3. Each hazard pictogram must cover at least one fifteenth of the minimum surface area of the label dedicated to the information required by CLP Article 17, but the minimum area of the pictogram must not be less than 1 cm2.

The minimum dimensions of labels and pictograms are (Table 1.3 of Annex I to CLP):

For pictograms, these minimum dimensions refer to the sides of the red frame of the pictogram itself, and not to the sides of the virtual square within which the pictogram is placed:

Printable pictograms are provided free of charge for download at

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