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What is a legal entity UUID?

If you are going to create a UFI code and perform a PCN notification, you will soon come across the term UUID. The UFI code appears in all areas of the chemical industry. Did you know that even scented candles need it?

So what is UUID?

Firstly, a universally unique identifier (UUID) is a number used to identify data and information in computer systems. In order to use ECHA IT applications, a UUID is generated and assigned to each Legal Entity in ECHA Accounts. The legal entity UUID acts as an unequivocal identifier and each legal entity must be represented by a single UUID.

Where is the legal entity UUID in my PCN notification?

The legal entity UUID is contained in a legal entity ‘document’. It represents the legal submitter and linked to the IUCLID section ‘Mixture identity and legal submitter’. The submission in the Portal must be made by the same legal entity UUID contained in this section.

What is the logic of UUID numbers in IUCLID?

In order to ensure the correct relationship between the various documents contained in a IUCLID dossier, a UUID is associated to each document (e.g. Legal entity, Substance, Reference substance etc.). Additionally, the PCN dossier is identified with a UUID. Note that IUCLID, by default, keeps the UUID the same if, for example, the Substance, Reference Substance document is “the same” in different dossiers.

Are the UUID numbers in a notification checked?

The legal entity UUID (linked at the mixture level) and the PCN number (and related PCN number) are validated in ECHA Submission portal.



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