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Are polymers subject of UFI code obligations?

As polymers are considered to be substances, Article 45 notification obligations do not apply to the polymer itself. However, if your polymer is placed on the market as part of a mixture, then you should indicate it as a component of that mixture.

How do I indicate a polymer in a notification?

Polymers needs to be identified in the same way as any other component, i.e. you have to provide a name and an identification number. For more detailed information on how components should be identified, see Annex VIII to CLP.

What if my polymer is not easily identifiable?

Where no EC, CAS or IUPAC details are available, you can report the known name in the ‘IUPAC name’ field in the Reference Substance document. If an identifier is ambiguous, you should provide additional information to support its identification.

Do I need to specify the monomers?

No, you do not need to specify the monomers in the notification.



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